Monday, December 1, 2014

4 x 8 Christmas Card 2014 Freebie Template

I decided to try something a little different this year. I designed the above image for our 2014 Christmas cards, but I also made a blank version to post as a freebie! Just follow the link below to access it.

Christmas Card Template in Google Drive

I was in a sort of Dickensian mood this Christmas, so I used my beloved to create a card that was in this vein. To use the template yourself, download the image and open it in your favorite photo editing program (ahem, Import your family photo as an overlay, add it to your work, then drag it into place. Easy!

Use a text tool to fill in your name or greeting in the ribbon. Add to the design if you want! Reindeer? Ok! Sprigs of holly? Why the heck not!?!

Once you've got your image looking good, save it to your computer (I like saving in .png format). I have my cards printed through Vistaprint because they allow you to upload your own image to a blank 4 x 8 rather than using one of their pre-set designs. If you're not up to designing a whole card from scratch in the holiday rush, I hope you'll consider letting me help you along with this template. Be creative and enjoy!

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