Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Crafts of Kindness 1: Cards for Cam

Cards for Cam first came to my attention when a Facebook friend shared the group's page. She knows the family personally, and has been trying to raise awareness on behalf of Cameron Corder's family and friends. When I initially conceived of this series, Cards for Cam was not in existence. Army Sergeant First Class Cameron Corder was serving in Afghanistan as a Flight Medic, while his wife and two young daughters remained in Michigan. Unfortunately, SFC Corder suffered an injury while assisting in the rescue of an injured Marine in August. His condition gradually worsened in the following months; in December, he was flown to Germany to undergo surgery. I won't presume to describe the Corder family's struggles over the past few weeks. The following is an excerpt from the Cards for Cam Facebook page, explaining what prompted the creation of the group:

A wonderful family has had their lives changed forever. For the past 6 months Bethany Corder has been holding down the fort at home while her husband, Sergeant First Class Cameron Corder, has been serving over in Afghanistan.

Bethany received word that on Saturday, December 21st, her husband had been injured. Cameron is an Aviation Medic in Afghanistan and was working on an injured Marine when his injury happened. He suffered a devastating spinal injury and has no feeling from the waist down. Doctors have informed him that he may never regain feeling because the nerve roots were so badly damaged. He was flown to Frankfort, Germany where he is receiving treatment.

Cameron and Bethany have returned to the States--the injured soldier is now recovering at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD.

The group's founders have asked that well-wishers send cards of support and encouragement to Cameron as he embarks on his journey of recovery. According to this MLive article, Bethany Corder has requested “anything to lift him up and let him know that he’s OK the way he is and everyone loves him exactly the same. . . .He’s thinking his life is over and it’s not. He just needs something to look forward to, definitely. Please keep the well wishes coming.” Please send cards to:

Cards for Cam

176 Apollo Circle
Flushing, MI 48433

Anyone wishing to make a monetary contribution to the family can include a check made payable to Bethany Corder. 

The card in the photograph above is one I designed in honor of Cameron Corder. The full image is below. Please take a few moments to jot a few words of encouragement to this deserving family. Be kind to one another!

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