Monday, December 30, 2013

Quick and Free DIY Luminaries!

For a few weeks, I have been saving paper towel and toilet paper rolls with dreams of making traditional Christmas crackers filled with little treats and paper hats. Alas, Christmas has come and gone with no crackers. But I wanted to put all of those cardboard tubes to use, so last night I punched up these little luminaries.

It's so easy that I don't really consider this a tutorial--I feel that it would be insulting to you, my crafty reader. So I've distilled this project into one easy equation:

Cardboard Tube + Hole Punch + White Craft Paper + Double-sided Tape + Battery-operated LED votive = Glowing, Flickering Mantle Magic!

Because I just have a standard little hole punch, I did have to get crafty to reach all areas of the tubes. I ended up folding them in half vertically and punching through two layers of cardboard along the sides. I'd be an irresponsible blogger if I didn't remind you to use battery operated candles only; flames in paper tubes would be bad news. Be creative and enjoy!

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