Monday, December 2, 2013

Dining Room Makeover for Less than $200!

One weekend at a time, my mom and I are determined to redo this old house! I eagerly (and perhaps a bit too ambitiously) volunteered to host Thanksgiving dinner this year. I was feeling confident after the kitchen project, and knew that we could knock the dining room out, too.

I've been seeing board and batten tutorials online lately--I was excited to give it a try. Because the plaster under the wallpaper is in pretty bad shape (the bulges and cracks are a dead give away), and we aren't in a position to completely gut that room, I decided to paint over the wallpaper. One gallon of Killz was enough for two coats; it easily covered the very dated, floral paper.

For the top half of the walls, I painted a soft, bluish grey color that I had purchased for another room last year. Sherwin Williams Cashmere base is, bar none, the best paint I've ever used. It covered beautifully in one coat. I left the bottom half of the walls white in preparation for the budget board and batten. I'll write up a separate post about this project, but let me just say that it was incredibly satisfying!

I scoured Craigslist until I found a light fixture to replace the 80s ceiling fan. $40! Score! We removed the buzzing, bulky florescent light ballast from above the window seat and replaced it with thin strips of LEDs. A section of cove molding hid the strips and wires from view.

One of the most dramatic changes to the room was in the flooring. We ripped up the yellowed, plush carpet to reveal the beautiful, original maple floor. My hard-working dad sanded the floor down to its natural state. More pics to come in a later post of the floor.

I still have some accessorizing to do in this room, especially cushions for the window seat and some sort of window coverings. For the walls, floor, and lighting, here's the price break-down:

1 gallon Killz: $16
1 gallon White Paint: $25
1/2 gallon Grey Paint: Left over from another project. Free!
Light fixture: $40 on Craigslist
Ikea Dioder LED lights: $29.99
1 12 ft. length cove molding: $6
1 sheet MDF: $25
1 tube Liquid Nails: $4
Floor Sander Rental: $35
Wood Stain: $7

$188 for a total room makeover?!? I consider it a total win! Every time we tackle a project like this, I gain a little confidence to try something bigger, bolder, or more advanced next time. I hope you're inspired to do the same. Be creative and enjoy!

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