Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Book Page Christmas Tree

I had an afternoon lull at work, so you know what that means--another book page craft! We are in poinsettia overload at the branch, so I thought something a little less . . .living . . .would be a good addition to our holiday decor. This was a ridiculously simple, if somewhat time-consuming, project.

Cardstock, poster board, or a styrofoam cone
Pages from an unreadable book (mine was heavily damaged and ready to be tossed), cut into strips of varying widths (wide for bottom, narrow for top)
Holiday spirit

I started with two 11x17 sheets of cardstock taped together. I curved them into a cone, taped along the seam, and trimmed the bottom so the cone was flat when vertical.

I affixed to book pages around the bottom of the cone, just to cover any gaps in the first row of loops. Next I took strips of old book pages and formed them into loops. To form the loop, hold the strip flat, one end in each hand. Then curve the two ends together, placing one on top of the other. You can control how loose or tight the loop is by rotating the ends. When you have the loop how you prefer, simply staple the ends together.

Working around the tree, I taped loops to the cone, starting with larger loops at the bottom and finishing with narrower loops at the top. I filled in once I completed the rows. A little glitter and an origami star on top and Voila! Super inexpensive DIY Christmas decor! I originally saw this idea using loops of burlap; it made a cute, rustic tree. I'm thinking that any ribbon would be perfect. Maybe double-sided wrapping paper? Be creative and enjoy!

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