Thursday, October 3, 2013

Spooky Halloween Banner From Book Pages

I'm sure you've been seeing these super cute, book-page banners popping up everywhere on web--I know I have. And, of course, I needed one. Badly. I decided to test the method on a display for the teen section of the library. One of the perks of working at the library is easy access to discarded books. Now, please don't freak out and start sending me hate mail, bookish friends--no readable books were harmed in the making of this banner. This book was missing a pretty substantial chunk of pages, and was going to be thrown in the trash. So really, I saved it from a worse fate.

To print the images, I affixed two book pages to a standard sheet of paper using a glue stick. I glued the pages down, side by side, and trimmed the edges. Then I sent it through the printer, putting two letters per page. I trimmed them into the shape I wanted, folded the tops over, and hung it from a length of yarn. This could hardly be more easy! You might have to do a few test pages to get the spacing of your letters just right. If you print on a blank piece of paper, you can hold it up to the light with your book pages held behind it to see exactly where the images will fall on the page.

I'm so excited to use this technique for  . . .well, everything. I'm thinking about making cards using this technique. Cupcake picks? Mixed media jewelry? I can't wait to get started! Be creative and enjoy!

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