Monday, August 12, 2013

$330 Kitchen Makeover!!

We love that our house was built in 1910, but we hate that our house was decorated in the 1970s. So, my Mom and I spent one very long weekend updating one very yellow kitchen. I have to say, I could not be more thrilled with the results. Seriously. I spent an embarrassing amount of time this evening just sitting in there, staring.

I will break the projects down into individual posts this week. But here's a quick summary:

As part of my birthday present, my parents bought me a Giani White Diamond Countertop kit to cover the yellow laminate. Since we were already painting the countertops, it made sense to paint the walls, too. The charcoal gray walls looked so good that the drop ceiling looked even more terrible in comparison. We didn't have the time or expertise to take down the ceiling and re-drywall, but we scored in a major way when we found the ceiling tiles that mimic a coffered ceiling. Once the ceiling tiles were in, though, wow did the cabinets look dingy. So we decided to paint them. That's really where the timeline went off the rails . . .

All said and done, we updated the ceiling, walls, cabinets/hardware, and countertops for $329.01 (not including accessories)! I didn't include the accessories in this total because you could spend as much or as little here as you wanted, but I added about $30-worth of new decor pieces to the kitchen. Here's a price break-down:
Tiles: 7.99 x 14 = 111.86
Cross Ts: .98 x 4 = 3.92
Acrylic Covers for Lights: 9.78 x 4= 39.12
Foam Board: 2.50 x 8= 20.00
White Paint: 28 x 1= 28.00
Satin Nickel Spray Paint: 7.48 x 3= 22.44
Giani White Diamond Kit: 69.95 x 1= 69.95
Charcoal paint: Free! (Left over from a previous project)
Window Rope Trim: 14.38 x 2= 28.76
Cove Moulding (where counter meets wall): 2.48 x 2= 4.96

TOTAL: $329.01!! (not including accessories)

Most of the accessories I used were mine already (platters, silver trays, canisters, etc.). The rest I picked up on clearance, except for the large, yellow EAT. For that, I simply spray painted cardboard letters from a craft store.
Cardboard Letters: 4.49 x 3= 13.47
Sun Yellow Spray Paint: 2.50 x 1= 2.50
Lantern: 6.79 x 1= 6.79
Owl: 7.19 x 1= 7.19

TOTAL: $29.95

Not bad at all. I can't wait to share the projects with you individually. In the meantime, be creative and enjoy!


  1. Wow that is such a fab transformation!!! Just goes to show you don't need to spend thousands to have a lovely kitchen :)

    1. Thank you so much! We moved into our house in November of last year, and I've been so intimidated to start updating because I assumed it would cost a small fortune. I'm happy to say I was wrong :)