Friday, June 21, 2013

Modcloth Blog Hex Nut Bracelet

I pinned this bracelet from the Modcloth blog ages ago, but only worked up the motivation to make it this week. I'm sorry I waited so long! It came together very quickly and I love the end result. The hex nuts make a herringbone-like pattern as they are braided into the bracelet.

The original tutorial says to use twine, but I decided on yarn instead (Peaches and Creme in Bright Pink). I've been working on some brightly colored bracelets for summer--this shade fits in perfectly! I also used one entire pack of #10-24 machine screw  hex nuts.

I cut one length of yarn to twice the length I would need, then folded it in half to make a loop (this made two of the three strands of my braid). For the third strand, I just cut a piece of yarn to the necessary length. I knotted this third strand to the loop. Then, following Modcloth's directions, I braided the bracelet. The key to this project was braiding tightly once I began integrating the nuts into the braid. To finish, I threaded a large silver bead onto the end and tied a knot.  The bead fits through the loop and makes a neat closure. I am thinking about making another of these on black cording or leather, something a little edgier. I hope you'll give this super easy project a try. Be creative and enjoy!

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