Monday, May 9, 2011

Coffee Sleeve

Just a quick post today because I am still trying to crank out my final paper of law school.  My coffee-addicted, Seattle native friend celebrated her birthday this weekend, so I sewed a quick coffee sleeve for her as a gift.  The process was pretty similar to the Iron Craft coffee sleeve I did earlier this year, although I used cotton fabric with a layer of interfacing inside.  Also, instead of creating a sleeve with ties on it to accommodate a mug handle, I stitched the sleeve closed (like a cuff). 
To do so, once I had stitched the long sides (the top and bottom of the sleeve) and turned it rightside out, I folded the edges of one end under--like you would to create a hem on the bottom of a skirt.  Then I slipped the other end inside and topstitched over it, creating a closed cuff with no raw edges. 
I also embroidered Jane's name on the sleeve using a backstitch and hotglued a tag inside.  Sans the embroidery, the project took about 20 minutes.  The perfect study break.  Be creative and enjoy!

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